Christmas is over… now what?

When I started this project December 1, I knew that it couldn’t just be about December. It’s eas(ier) to get people interested when a cause or charity is focused around the holidays. Trust me! I saw the donations POUR in to the homeless shelter the week before Christmas. But who is going to be there this week and next to sort through those donations?? Kindness and charity don’t stop December 25. They are just as needed, and maybe more so, the days, weeks, and months after.

The logical next step is 365 days of kindness. That’s a great goal, sure. But is it realistic? What about the days where you just feel grumpy? Or the days when you are sick and just getting out of bed is a challenge? An act a day for the next year isn’t my goal. Instead, I am going to write about my journey to add more kindness into my life. Where I have realized I need to concentrate those acts is toward myself and my family, which, for me, are the places I struggle the most.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me and share the ways that you are adding more kindness, more compassion, more love into your life.