About 25 Days of Kindness

25 Days of Kindness was an idea inspired by Brooke’s 30 Acts of Kindness on her 30th Birthday. The goal of 25 Days is to spread love and charity throughout the month of December by focusing on Acts of Kindness and generosity toward others.

About Brooke

Brooke Linville is a writer, mother, fire survivor, Lyme disease fighter, entrepreneur, social media addict, soy latte drinker, Words with Friends player, blogger (sometimes), and friend. In searching for something meaningful to do to mark her 30th birthday, Brooke stumbled upon the idea of doing 30 acts of kindness for others. That day filled her with such joy, she decided to devote the month of December to doing for others.

Brooke is not an evangelist. She does not believe that positive thinking has the power to change the circumstances of our lives, though she does believe that attitude can help us navigate through them. Brooke is often outspoken. To be honest, you might not even like her in person. But that’s ok. She means well. And that’s got to count for something!

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